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Digital Forensics Experts – Cell Phones and Secrets

Apple, Android, or other—it doesn’t matter the operating system, smartphones have lightning fast processing that lets us do almost anything. Today’s smartphones are so sophisticated that using them to call people seems archaic.

Numberless apps, virtual assistants, schedules and payment systems allow us to traverse daily life with ease and relative security.

However wonderful cell phones may be, they can hold secrets and evidence of misdeeds.

In many cases, when the law gets involved, cell phone forensics becomes exhibit A. with the help of Guardian digital forensics experts, no secret stays locked away forever.

In many legal cases, smartphone usage is scrutinized to find out any information that can be used to further legal actions.

Things like:

* Pictures

* Videos

* Texts

* Emails

* Contacts and Call logs

* Social Media Activity

* Internet browsing history

can all be used in court cases whether for the defendant or the plaintiff. Dependence on smart devices leads us to record or use our phones to the point where they become a necessity. This necessity has also become a huge liability where the law and unsavory activities are involved.

In short, if you are facing a legal battle, you will want a digital media exploitation expert who can dig into smartphone history to support your case.

Many times, guilty parties will try to delete, cleanse, or find other ways to hide their cell phone activity to protect themselves. However, with the right documentation and the right software, a digital forensics expert will be able to conduct forensics and behavioral analysis on the cell phone in question and extract even the most carefully hidden activity.

Discovered cellphone Information can be especially damning when it comes to divorce, custody battles, distracted driving accident cases and a variety of court cases examining questionable activities.

Using a cell phone makes life more convenient, but it can also leave a trail to other hidden patterns of life activities. Be careful what you put on your phone, and if facing a legal battle, be sure to investigate what the other party has on their phone. The secrets can be shocking and win the legal battle for you.

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