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Onsite investigations are critical when the imaging of computers and associated media need to be considered, especially in cases where further investigation or disclosure may be required. Capturing this data using forensic sound methodology is vital to maintaining the integrity of the investigation. Guardian has extensive experience capturing and collecting data from all types of cases and digital evidence media. Our team operates 24/7, even traveling at short notice, to ensure onsite investigations on properly conducted.


Going through a divorce can be a complicated legal affair. A digital forensics expert can help uncover key details and digital evidence to affect the outcome your divorce settlement.

Internet & Social Media

A person’s history of using the Internet and social media sites contain information that may be used as evidence in litigation. The Guardian forensic team includes certified forensic specialists who can examine and recover data from the Internet or social media sites.

Employee Misconduct

One of the biggest concerns businesses have when releasing an employee is corporate sabotage. Creating policies to help your business avoid a disgruntled employee wreaking havoc on your business is beyond what we can do, but if you find yourself in that situation, we can help.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment cases can often become he-said/she-said situations where it becomes difficult to establish credible evidence. Guardian can help you by recovering digital evidence, such as harassing text messages or emails, to move your case along.

Child Custody Disputes

In child custody battles, emotions run high. The professionals at Guardian will approach your case with compassion as they help you support your case with hard, digital evidence.

Digital Behavioral Analysis

Through digital behavior analysis, Guardian consultants examine digital artifacts and are able to determine user patterns, behaviors and characteristics. These observations about evidence go into developing a legal stance of probability or a likelihood.

Cloud Forensics

Guardian provides mobile and cloud forensic services to help you find the information you need. This information may provide evidence needed for your case or lead to additional sources of information or parties with potential evidence.

Intellectual Property

Has a disgruntled employee stolen company secrets? Have hackers stolen company secrets or customer data? We can help you prove these things and track who did them.

Breach of Contract

The Guardian professionals can uncover important evidence to support your claims in a breach of contract case. Common evidence includes email correspondence between employer and employee, call history, internet history and more.

Guardian has provided data collection services to help clients in a variety of circumstances including:

✔︎ Investigating suspicion of fraud

✔︎ Extracting data to comply with regulatory disclosure

✔︎ Investigating collusion or corruption

✔︎ Preserving data during litigation or electronic disclosure

✔︎ Securing information for insolvency or business recovery

Guardian understands the wider commercial implications of data collection, including the cost and disruption to the business. As such, we offer the collection of logical evidence files which allows you to select which files or folders you wish to preserve, instead of acquiring the entire drive or server. This method of data collection can reduce processing costs and minimize disruption to business continuity through live acquisition. We are experienced providing a discreet service, working covertly and outside operating hours if required. Whether the investigation is for civil or criminal proceedings, eDiscovery or an insolvency matter, our data capture team is available 24/7 to meet your needs.