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Private Investigations

Guardian offers world class Digital Forensics Incident Response services. Additionally, we offer very specific private investigations using very special technology tradecraft to support clients in corporations, insurance agencies, and small business. We place emphases on pre-planning that stresses unquestionable ethical and personal behaviors in our services.



Insurance Agencies




Law Firms

Core Services


Insurance Fraud Investigations


Criminal, Civil & Corporate Litigation Support


Digital Forensics Consulting

Insurance & Employment Fraud

We assist organizations using a variety of methods in uncovering fraudulent claims.

Criminal Defense & Litigation Support

Our unique qualifications in high tech investigations in both civil and criminal matters afford us unique qualifications to consulting on your cases. Expertise in Crimes Against Children & domestics abuse cases.

Civil & Criminal Case Review

Combining our training, certifications, and expertise in Digital forensic with our past law enforcement history allows for Expert Analysis most private investigators will not provide. From complex technology to law enforcement matters we analyze police reports, motions, subpoenas, search warrants chain of custody and relate finding in expert testimony.

OSINT Investigations

Using open-source intelligence we can analyze social media, Dark Web to general Internet investigations that pinpoint relationship to social network Links.


Our services include Identifying phone Numbers, emails, background checks, national assets and bank account searches, places of employment to last cryptocurrency related issues.

Surveillance Capabilities

Guardian operates state of the art covert surveillance technology that includes Night Vision, Thermal, to eyes in the sky Drone tech.

Cryptocurrency Investigations

Guardian has the ability to research crypto-addresses to real-world organizations, individuals, sanctioned entities, IP addresses, and events. Complete transactional histories and a graphical documentation making it easy to “follow the money,” and integrated case management capabilities to identify virtual assets and crypto funds.

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Private Investigators Licenses
Guardian maintains private investigators licenses in a number of states.