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Drone Forensics

Guardian Forensics introduces our newest branch of digital forensics: Drone Forensics. While drones have gained in popularity for private and public use, so to have the problems associated with these flying devices.

Whether property damage due to an inexperienced operator or illegal images captured by a drone, Guardian Forensics has the knowledge and technology to find the digital trail and restore justice and peace of mind to the injured.

Reasons You Need Drone Forensics:

  • Property damage or personal injury due to a drone crash
  • Invasion of privacy resulting in pictures or video taken without permission
  • Drone battery failure and resulting fires
  • Businesses spying on competitors
  • Distribution of illegal items by droneS

…And so many more. As more drone owners power up their devices, more help is needed to protect those impacted by accidents or illicit use.

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Why We Are the Best at Drone Forensics:

Guardian Forensics knows the digital world. From cracking a controller for operator information to retrieving drone flight logs, we can find the information. Our expertise in:

  • Retrieving flight logs
  • FAA regulations
  • Analysis of electrical and mechanical drone systems
  • Drone operation laws and licensing…

Are a few of the ways we piece together what happened and who is responsible. Guardian Forensics can get the answers to find the responsible party and protect personal and commercial rights.  While we are located in Oklahoma and Arkansas, Guardian can perform a Drone Forensics investigation all over the country.