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Digital Forensics & CyberSecurity

Guardian delivers solutions that are legally defensible, repeatable and auditable.

UNLOCKING THE TRUTH Guardian is an Arkansas and Oklahoma based company providing professional digital forensics, investigative, cybersecurity and data recovery services to clients nationwide. Our forensic services include civil litigation, criminal defense, corporate investigations, cybersecurity, and private investigations. At Guardian, recovering your data is our business.


  • Family Law
  • Civil Litigation
  • Criminal Forensics
  • Corporate Investigation
  • Social Media Investigation


Law Firms • Public & Private Companies • Financial Institutions • Individuals • Private Investigators • Law Enforcement • Insurance Companies • Human Resources

What motivates us is giving our CLIENTS the best

My experience with Guardian Forensics was first rate.  Mr. Matlock was prompt and genuinely engaged in walking me through the technical aspect of data retrieval.  His knowledge and experience in data retrieval were obvious from our initial contact to the conclusion.  In addition to this expertise, his ability to explain the technical process involved in data retrieval helped me understand and articulate the shortcomings in the forensic report that I ultimately challenged.  I will definitely plan Mr. Matlock in the future.

Paul J. James | James Carter & Priebe Attorneys at Law

Guardian Forensics have time and again been there for my clients and my firm to provide us with the needed proof of matters which we would otherwise have had no insight on whatsoever.  Every time we have needed them, they have been accurate, fast and informational!

Dianna H. Ladd | Verkamp & Ladd, P.A. Attorneys at Law

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