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Guardian Forensics and our consultants are proud supporters and mentors of the CyberPatriot program.


First Sgt. Fry
Alvey Matlock
Brandon Lowdermilk
Montana Ruth

Learning basic TCP/IP Networking skills / Port Scanning / Building your Toolbox


  1. Watch this video YouTube Vid on TCP/
  2. Download and read the   TCP/IP and Common & Port Scanning material.
  3. Download Angry IP Scanner, Nmap,  & Solarwinds Subnet calculator

Hands-On with Network Mapping  / Scanning Tools


  1. Install and use Solarwinds Subnet Calculator
  2. Install and use IP Address and Port scanning tools
  3. Download Cisco Packet Tracer software
  4. Cheat Sheets uploaded for Common Ports, Wireless Networks, Basic Networking
  5. Ping, TraceRt, Putty, Telnet,, and everything above

CyberPatriot Website, Windows 7 Security and Features


  1. Review the Cyber Patriot website resources and focus on Windows and Additional Resource links
  2. Windows 7 security,  Security Patches, Firewall, Turning on Windows Features,
  3. Window 7 Users and Groups  security, Administrator, Guest Account, and Others
  4. Discuss application, services, and open ports


Go to the Patriot website and review the Windows & Additional Resources links

More Windows Security and Software Tools


    1. Digital forensics investigator
    2. Free Tools & cheat sheets from Alvey
    3. http://uscyberpatriot.org/competition/training-materials/windows
    4. Trouble Shooting & Event Logs
    5. GodMode
    6. Run As Command
    7. SysInternals Tools
    8. Putty Introduction only learn on your own material
    1. Windows Registry
    2. VmWare Guest OS build demo

Microsoft Security & Building Windows 2008 R2


  1. How to use Microsoft Security Baseline Analyzer
  2. Microsoft Server hardening checklist
  3. Local Security Policy – Microsoft Management Console or MMC
  4. Building a Windows 2008 R2 with VMWare

Microsoft Security & Vulnerability Scanning


  1. Windows 7 VMware image
  2. Microsoft Windows Security


  1. What is Port Scanning
  2. Vulnerability Scanning

Microsoft Security


  1. Windows 7   Microsoft Windows 7 Security
    1. Firewall Exceptions – Install a app and then block it with Firewall
    2. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP),
    3. GPO – Local Computer
    4. Accounts Groups
    5. File and Folder Permissions  File / Folder Permissions
    6. Microsoft Officer Security / Encryption
    7. 7 Zip use and Encryption
    8. Window Auditing and Event Viewer  –  Administrative Tools → Local Security Policy
    9. Performance Monitoring & Task Manager


  1. What is Port Scanning
  2. Vulnerability Scanning

Resources for Information Security


  1. Cybrary – https://www.cybrary.it
  2. SANS.org website – Look at the resources menu and spend time read these resources, Posters, Additional Resources
  3. SecurityFocus.com


  1. Download the SmartPhone App for Cyber Security and watch the videos.  This app is from DeVry University
  2. SANS.org website – Look at the resources


Vulnerability scanning
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA), Nessus®, SAINT, Nmap Security Scanner, GFI LANguardTM, OpenVAS

Port scanning
Nmap Security Scanner, Snort, Netcat, SuperScan, ShieldsUP, hping

Password scanning and cracking
John the Ripper, Cain & Abel, THC Hydra, pwdump, Ophcrack, Medusa

Exploits, Trojan horses, and other “stress testers”
Metasploit, Social Engineer Toolkit, w3af, Core Impact, sqlmap

Intrusion detection
Snort, NFR® BackOfficer Friendly, IDScenter, Fport, OSSIM

Network and security administration
Webmin, Tripwire®, Bastille, PuTTY, HiSecWeb

Protocol analyzer, or packet sniffer
Wireshark, NetStumbler, dsniff, OmniPeek, Ettercap, Microsoft Message Analyzer, tcpdump, WinDump, Cain & Abel


Videos : 2,3,10,11,12,14,30 – 40,58, 59, 66,67