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To contact Guardian, please call (539) 777-0869 or send us a message below. We look forward to assisting with your digital forensics and data recovery needs in Texas.


Texas Attorneys rely on Guardian Forensics for all their Computer and Cell Phone Forensics

Your search is over if you have been looking for a computer or cell phone forensics resource in Texas. Our company, Guardian Forensics, has been building a reputation for excellence in Texas for years in Law Enforcement and Corporate Investigations. We take our commitment to the people we serve very seriously.

Guardian is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Guardian is a computer forensics company that provides digital forensics services in Dallas, and for the entire state of Texas. We are committed to providing the best forensic services possible in Civil, Criminal and Corporate disputes. When there is digital evidence that can decide the outcome, Guardian digital forensics services with computers and cell phones are among the best. We fully understand this dynamic mix of technology and litigation and will work with you for the best outcome.

In addition to our litigation support work in Civil and Criminal defense cases, we offer services Corporations data breaches and insider threats. We are also a comprehensive eDiscovery resource, so you can rely on us for all types of forensic preservation and analysis in Oklahoma.

Help for Attorneys and Corporations

Supporting all types of Civil and Criminal litigations is another service that we offer. Dealing with an employee, executive misconduct or cyber security threats, data breaches can become unmanageable without the right training and tools. The task can be over whelming and errors made, so having the right background in unlocking the truth with digital evidence is vital.

We simply want to provide the best professional services, and our forensics team is well known for our customer service.

Whenever you need digital forensics help, or eDiscovery expert, we can be reached by phone at (800) 403-0442. You can also get in touch with us through the contact page on this website or email to info@guardian-forensics.com

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