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Our Clients

At Guardian, we believe our work speaks for itself. Our diverse range of digital forensics services and the quality with which we provide them has built a reputation of integrity with our clients. We serve clients from private individuals to large corporations, law enforcement and more.

Civil Litigation

Divorce, custody battles and other civil litigation can be hard to navigate. With the increased use of digital media, having digital evidence that the court will accept is becoming vital to all types of court cases, including civil cases. We offer the best industry options for repair and recovery of damaged media and can help you recover data that has been destroyed.

Insurance Companies

Our digital forensics expertise is highly valuable to insurance companies. For example, we are often called upon in vehicular injury cases. With mobile forensics, we can determine whether the driver who caused the accident was using their phone or distracted in some other way. Having this hard, digital evidence can save insurance companies thousands of dollars in damages.

Law Enforcement

Our background in law enforcement has led to a great working relationship with law enforcement agencies at the municipal, state and federal levels. We have uncovered key evidence in cases involving human trafficking, credit card theft, tax fraud, immigration fraud, arson, homicide, child exploitation and more.


Large corporations rely on Guardian for corporate civil litigation and data security protection. Protecting a company’s confidential information, including intellectual property and proprietary information, is imperative. Guardian examiners are skilled in the detection and remediation of insider and IT security threats.

Legal Defense Teams

The key to a good digital forensic case is evidence that holds up in court. Guardian works with legal and criminal defense attorneys to provide a second opinion on digital evidence. Our digital forensic specialists are specially trained to provide expert witness testimonies in your case.

Law Firms

Guardian provides expansive computer forensics and investigations for law firms. Our cases include divorce, child custody, fraud, embezzlement, intellectual property theft and bankruptcy fraud. Guardian examiners are fully certified and have provided expert testimony in countless cases.

Family / Private Individuals

Guardian provides digital forensic services to families and private individuals. These investigations typically involve in-depth background checks, recovering proof of an unfit parent, determining if a restraining order has been broken and more. We also work alongside family law attorneys to uncover the truth.