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Cloud Forensics

It’s inevitable that digital investigations will lead to evidence that is stored in the cloud. Guardian experts are well-prepared in providing expert collection and analysis of cloud-stored information. As more apps and services move to cloud-hosted architectures it important you find the right digital forensics company to assist in your investigation.

Mobile devices can contain several types of personal information such as contacts, photos, calendars, notes, SMS and MMS messages. Smartphones may additionally contain video, email, web browsing information, location information, and social networking messages and contacts.

This information may provide the evidence needed for your case or lead to additional sources of information or parties with potential evidence. Guardian provides mobile and cloud forensic services to help you find the information you need.

Consider Guardian Forensics if,

  • Need an expert to investigate Apple iCloud, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • You need to identify potential evidence on smartphones or in cloud locations.
  • Need a complete story using data from the cloud. Ingest Facebook warrant return packages and user-requested archive files (e.g. Google Takeout) in addition to publicly available information from Twitter.
  • You are searching for evidence that relates to a person’s behavior, relationships or communication transactions that occurred through a smartphone or in the cloud.
  • You are an employer who suspects an employee has stolen intellectual property.


Key Benefits

Create a portrait of behavior.
By investigating a person’s history of smartphone behavior, we can create a portrait of that behavior and establish evidence of location, relationships, transaction and communication history.

Recover data.
We can recover data believed to have been deleted that may be relevant for litigation.

Don’t overlook the obvious.
Our forensic specialists have extensive experience investigating smartphone and cloud-based behavior and history. We can find the data that applies to the situation in question, oftentimes data that others may overlook.

Why Choose Guardian
Our clients have access to expert Forensic Interviewers, Computer Forensic Specialists, Certified Forensic Examiners, EnCASE Certified Examiners, Certified eDiscovery Specialists and Certified who have the investigative techniques and technical skills needed to get to the bottom of a situation. Our professionals are sensitive and discreet when dealing with confidential cases, and our highly trained team can provide you with the answers you need.