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Alvey Matlock

Owner / Digital Forensics Expert

Expert Qualifications

  • 20+ Years of Information Technology experience in both Private and Public sectors
  • 12 Years working in Law Enforcement as a Criminal Digital Forensics investigator
  • Experienced consulting in Civil, Corporate, and Criminal investigations
  • Digital Forensics Expert testimony in Local and Federal courts
  • Technology & Digital forensics certifications; EnCE, CCME, CISSP, MCSE, Security+, Cellebrite Mobile Forensics and Advanced Extractions ChipOff, XRY Mobile forensics

Fun Facts

  • Avid Mountain Biker (competitive AMBCS racer)
  • Ultimate outdoors man (fisherman and hunter)
  • Wanna be Iron Chef
  • Beginner ping pong player
Alvey's Full Bio

Alvey is a technology and digital forensics expert with notable success, civil litigation, corporate investigations, Data Breach Assessments, and criminal casework, training, and investigative experience. 20 plus years of technology, digital forensic experience comprising of computer and cell phone, file system forensics, deleted file recovery, forensic imaging, advanced imaging of damaged drives, password recovery, registry analysis, JTAG forensic data acquisitions, evidence collection, expert witness court testimony and more.

His certifications include; Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Encase Certified Examiner (EnCE), Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner (CCME) Cellebrite Advanced Extractions ChipOff, Physical / Logical, XRY Mobile Forensics, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), and Security+. Alvey is also a college adjunct professor with experience course developer and public speaking. He is currently working at the Oklahoma NSU college in the Criminal Justice Program teaching CyberCrime and Digital Forensics courses.

A 2001 graduate with honors from Arkansas Tech University, his degree was in Computer Science with an emphasis in business.  Alvey has extensive training and hands-on experience with digital forensics, criminal forensics, civil litigation requiring forensics cybersecurity, VMware technology, Cisco networking and security, Vulnerability and Intrusion Prevention System management, and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning.

Alvey has been employed with the Fort Smith Police Department from 2005 until 2017 as their Computer Crimes Investigator, and Sr. Network Manager, overseeing and supporting Public Safety technology, which includes the 911 Communications Center and Regional Mobile Data.  His responsibilities have also included manager of the Crime Intel  & Analyst program for the department.

Alvey is also a member of the Cyber Investigations unit as a Computer Crimes Investigator, has worked numerous digital forensics cases involving peer-to-peer, child pornography, kidnapping, financial crimes, Internet Hacking, Human Trafficking, narcotics and property theft for several local, state and federal agencies.  Alvey is a member of the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force and also participates as a specialized officer for the Fort Smith Police Department.

Alvey is married and regularly attends service at First Baptist Church. His hobbies include Drone pilot, Crossfit, Mountain biking, hunting, and fishing.  Alvey was also a proud member of the Air Force National Guard F-16 188th Fighter wing serving as a Sargent from 1996 to 2004.