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eDiscovery Services

Guardian Forensics can identify, recover, collect, analyze, preserve and authenticate data that may be used in legal proceedings.  Our certified digital forensics experts can accommodate all ESI platforms. Our approach is designed to meet all security and confidentiality protocols required by our customers and the justice system.  Guardian delivers eDiscovery solutions that are legally defensible, repeatable and auditable.


Federal and State Rules of Evidence require that actual and potential electronic evidence be properly preserved and protected in its original format from spoliation as soon as you become aware of any pending legal action. Guardian professionals are here to ensure that all evidence is inventoried and secured to preserve its integrity with a solid chain-of-custody.
Consider this if:

  • You have been made aware of pending legal action and need to collect and preserve evidence.
  • You have been provided notice of a legal hold or e-discovery request and you need to comply with the legal requirements.
  • You want a forensic professional to ensure that you meet the Rules of Evidence and Civil Procedures for your case.
  • You do not have the expertise or resources to collect and preserve evidence without assistance.


Gain peace of mind.
Our team will ensure that evidence is collected and preserved according to the Rules of Evidence so you can be confident everything is being handled properly.

Properly maintained evidence.
Evidence must be collected, preserved and documented properly in order to ensure that it remains within the chain of custody required to submitted as evidence in court.

Rely on our expertise.
We have extensive backgrounds in digital forensics, eDiscovery and law enforcement. Our forensic specialists will ensure you receive the services you need to build your case.