Forensics Hourly Rates

Civil / Corporate Forensics

Criminal Forensics

Minimum Initial Retainer, if required:

Computers Examinations

Cell / Mobile Devices

Cloud / Email Forensics

$200.00 per hour

$250.00 per hour





Forensic Imaging / Collection

Mobile Device – Delivered to Guardian

Single Hard Drive – Delivered to Guardian

On-Scene Imaging / Forensics

Cloud & Email Forensics (One-Time Technology Fee) 



$250.00 per hour


Expert Witness Services

Expert Testimony (Minimum 3 hour charge)

Client Consultation / Research



Data Recovery Rates

*** Evaluation Fee

All Digital Devices
(Smartphones, Computers, Tablets, USB, GPS Devices)


$95.00 per hour

Forensics Examination Triage Packages

Includes administration, forensic imaging, analysis, ongoing storage of a single evidence media delivered to Guardian.

Level 1 Triage

Up to 1 hour of forensic examination, 1 month of ongoing evidence storage

Level 2 Triage

Up to 8 hours of forensic examination, 3 months of ongoing evidence storage

Level 3 Triage

Up to 16 hours of forensic examination, 6 months of ongoing evidence storage

$499.00 per device


$1,695.00 per device


$2,995.00 per device

Other Forensics Services

Computer Processing Time

Travel Rate

Ongoing Evidence Storage  (Up to 1TB for 12 Months)

$25.00 per hour

$89.00 per hour