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Guardian Forensics provides digital forensics, electronic discovery (eDiscovery) cybersecurity & incident response consulting for our clients, nationwide. We follow best practices in digital forensics with our clients and help them utilize best practices when collecting, preservation and analysis of digital evidence.

Our services are designed for providing the litigation support in Civil, Corporate, and Criminal casework and incident response and data breach, ransomware, advanced persistent threat assessment services that will verify if an attack occurred, identify the attacker’s path of entry, help eliminate the threat, and determine the overall severity of the breach.

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Guardian Forensics can identify, recover, collect, analyze, preserve and authenticate data that may be used in legal proceedings as evidence.

Guardian provides data extraction and detects cell phone spyware. This includes a comprehensive email report of cell phone contents, both active and deleted.

The experts at Guardian understand the value of your data and the importance of quick, secure recovery.

Guardian provides expert witness services, strategy assistance and trial and technical consulting, along with an array of computer forensic and e-Discovery services to meet your needs.

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