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In 2019, Guardian Forensics is the proud sponsor of its first Cycling Team that will battle across the Oklahoma and Arkansas races series. The athletes on Team Guardian will compete across multiple race disciplines that include Mountain Bike Cross County, Enduro, Cyclocross, Gravel, and Road races. Team Guardian will make its first appearance in Little Rock, Arkansas February 24th at the Cross Winds Classic. The team will be anchored by Ted Neal, Northside football coach out of Fort Smith Arkansas and Alvey Matlock, a digital forensics expert out of Oklahoma.

About Us

Guardian Forensics is a technology company that provides digital forensics, electronic discovery (eDiscovery) cybersecurity & incident response consulting. Guardian offers best practices in digital forensics with clients in need of collecting, preservation, analysis of digital evidence. Our services are design for providing litigation support in Civil, Corporate, and Criminal casework.

Additionally, Guardian provides incident response and data breach assessments, ransomware, advanced persistent threat services that will verify if an attack occurred, identify the attacker’s path of entry, help eliminate the threat, and determine the overall severity of the breach. Our threat hunting assessments identify problems not normally visible to vulnerability and PEN testing.

A normal day with Guardian ranges from working with clients dealing with all types of legal issues that include:

  • Corporate investigations of Theft of Intellectual Property
  • Data Breaches, Insider threats
  • Fraud of all types
  • Sexual harassment
  • Family law such as divorce and child custody
  • Personal injury cases with distracted driving
  • Advising attorneys working in Criminal defense

Guardian also provides DMX (digital media exploitation) expertise in the federal government sector. Lastly, Guardian volunteers its services and expertise in digital forensics to law enforcement agencies in Oklahoma.

Guardian is an Oklahoma and Arkansas built company that is based in Bentonville Arkansas and Tulsa Oklahoma serving clients nationwide.