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A father with little custody rights to his two daughters suspected a dangerous situation on their summer visit. The evidence came in the form of child behavior and eventually in a cell phone.

The father became suspicious of certain activity and contacted his attorney. The attorney seeing the evidence realized the magnitude of the situation contacted Guardian Forensics Consultant Alvey Matlock. While visiting their father for the summer both girls had been given new smartphones by the mother. One of the daughters complain of technical issues with her favorite apps and games. The father in the process of assisting came across some very disturbing images and videos. Some of the content was alarming enough the father immediately contacted his Attorney located in Fort Smith Arkansas. Guardian Forensics was hired to conduct the forensic preservation and analysis. The forensic analysis resulted in several additionally artifact findings that appeared to identify subjects living in the primary household were exposing the children to very extreme material and there were signs of potential grooming. The assignment required using extensive background and training in law enforcement and forensics to understand the challenges and dangers presented by the digital evidence to the children.


The forensic investigation identified several key artifacts that included photos, videos, internet history, and very important GEO-Location data. Guardian used top commercial forensics tools such as Cellebrite, and Axiom to correctly analyze and report on the findings. The information had to be categorized along with a very detail timeline created showing when and how the illicit multimedia content had been created and the fact to when the two daughters had obtained and been exposed. The information also presented age difficult images and videos. This information was used in extensive expert testimony and in cross examination to establish important facts to the nature of the evidence. A key point that help the father was Digital Forensics expert Alvey Matlock extensive behavioral analysis in Crimes Against Children casework and his training. His testimony helped establish the extreme nature of the material, facts that most would over look if not well trained and experienced in child exploitation criminal investigations. One of the challenges that the expert testimony helped overcome was explaining technology to the judge and the court through clear and easy to understand language.


In addition to the services focused on cell phone forensics, Guardian assisted the plaintiff’s attorney in preparing for the emergency hearing. Guardian consultants train the attorney on specific digital forensics technology and help develop a strategy that included important questions used to convey the right message to the court. Guardian routinely transfers knowledge and provides technology and forensic training to attorneys.


After a full day of testimony and presenting the findings the father was awarded full custody of the two girls that were schedule to leave the state.

The end result — Guardian proved a valuable resource to the community and help a father protect his daughters. Guardian lives by a code of “Unlocking the Truth”.