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Searching Social media networks is a specialty that’s on the rise and require an expert. With billions of connected devices around the world, it makes sense that more and more civil disputes and crimes are being committed online, and there needs to be a way to investigate social media and help prosecutors and civil attorneys in their discovery efforts.

Social media is an increasingly-popular avenue for evidentiary considerations, which is why we have a dedicated social media forensics service. If you’re a victim, plaintiff, or attorney in need of collecting social media evidence, here’s what you need to know about social media forensics and how the team at Guardian can help.

Why Social Media?

There are an estimated 2.7 billion social media users around the world, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for social media to affect the outcome of your case . With access to social media right on our smartphones, we are connected to social media virtually every day.

Social media privacy agreements are changing regularly, and with stricter information security laws being introduced around the world, we are certificated experts at social media discovery and evidence collection to help you bring your case to court.

Uncovering Data on Social Media

Using Federal Rules of Evidence 902 guidelines our methods are court approved techniques, and represent the best opportunity to have your evidence admitted to the court of law. Guardian’s social media collection services can collect from various social media sites to help your case. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIN, YouTube, Tumblr, etc. There are limited methods and must be self-authenticating FRE 902 (14) to be approved by the court and collected by an expert.

Since social media can be altered by a user at any time, it’s important to act quickly to capture relevant information before it’s gone.

How Social Media Forensics Can Help You

Social media is a public record that can be accessed by virtually anyone, making it a solid resource to help build your case. Whether it’s fraud, identity theft, harassment, or crimes that are often conducted online, social media forensics enables you to collect data that you would not otherwise have.

Guardian Social Media Forensics

We know how important it is to act swiftly when it comes to collecting social media information. If you’re in need of a team that can get you results and help you with your next case, contact the team at Guardian for more information on our social media forensics services.

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