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A person’s history of using the Internet and social media sites contain information that may be used as evidence in litigation. Guardian forensic team includes certified forensic specialists who can examine and recover data from the internet or social media sites. This may include cloud data Internet mail, Internet sites, locations where photographs or postings took place, domain name registrations, published information, as well as recovery of deleted data.

Consider this if

  • Your case requires a search for evidence from the internet or social media sites.
  • You are searching for evidence that relates to a person’s behavior, relationships or communication transactions that occurred online.
  • You are an employer who suspects an employee has used the internet to steal intellectual property.

Key Benefits

Create a portrait of behavior.
By investigating a person’s history of online behavior, we can create a portrait of that behavior and establish evidence of location, relationships, transaction and communication history.

Recover data.
We can recover data believed to have been deleted that may be relevant for litigation; such as hidden relationships, but also sources of potential hidden assets or financial activity.

Don’t overlook the obvious.
Our forensic specialists have extensive experience investigating online behavior and history. We can find the data that applies to the situation in question, oftentimes data that others may overlook.

Why Choose Guardian
Our clients have access to Expert Examiners, , former law enforcement professionals, Forensic Interviewers, Computer Forensic Specialists, Certified Forensic Examiners, EnCase Certified Examiners, Certified eDiscovery Specialists who have the investigative techniques and technical skills needed to get to the bottom of a situation. Our professionals are sensitive and discreet when dealing with confidential cases, and our highly trained team can provide you with the answers you need.