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The Guardian team works closely with attorneys and corporate counsel to provide services to help build your case. We provide expert witness services, strategy assistance and trial and technical consulting, along with an array of computer forensic and e-Discovery services to meet your needs.


We provide both group or individual training for attorneys on the following topics:

✔︎ 101 Digital Forensics for Attorneys

✔︎ SmartPhone Forensics – what you should know as an Attorney

✔︎ How to select a Digital Forensics Expert

✔︎ Digital Forensics in Civil, and Legal Defense Teams


  • You are an attorney whose case requires e-Discovery or technical consulting.
  • You represent corporate counsel and need computer forensic specialists to address potential concerns.
  • You want third party expertise that will stand up in the court of law.


Gain confidence. Our experienced professionals will guide and support you as they confidently develop your case.

Enlist specialized expertise. Our forensic specialists draw on years of experience working as law enforcement and certified digital forensic professionals to provide the credible expertise you need.

Develop your strategy. Let us show you how digital forensic evidence and data will impact your case as we help you prepare a strategy to leverage that impact.


Our professionals can help you develop a solid strategy and provide expert witnesses based on our extensive knowledge in digital forensics, e-Discovery, economic damages, forensics and technology consulting. Whether you need expert testimony and reporting, e-Discovery, opinion or subject matter expert, we will be there to support your needs. At Guardian, we promise our clients an experience, second to none, where they feel understood, connected and confident.