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Whether it’s a small business or a booming company, businesses will all need information technology support. Software, hardware, networks, CRM’s and apps all need the support of highly skilled IT persons to fix and maintain day to day technology operations. In many cases, the IT staff is not equipped to handle corporate investigations requiring collection, preservation, and analysis of digital evidence. The daily battle of insider threats or incident responses related to malware and viruses is really no match for the generalist IT staff. However great an IT department may be, companies may want to rethink exactly what they need and augment staff with digital forensics and cybersecurity professionals.

With computer crime an ever-present reality, businesses would do well to invest in computer forensics experts to work along with their IT staff to protect and/or discover where and by whom attacks are coming. Other reasons to have a dedicated computer forensics expert are as follows:


Having a dedicated Computer forensics expert or company on your side protects you in cases of insider threats. Having an expert on your side means company secrets, that may get “lost” can quickly be found and the person(s) responsible will be caught and held accountable.

Working with a forensics expert means there is no place for cyber crooks to hide. If your company is falling prey to external cyber-attacks or internal mischief, a cyber forensics expert will find the offender and protect your network. They have a specialized set of skills that will allow them to address the issues and more importantly, where these issues originated from.

If it goes to litigation, you have an expert to testify for your company. Theft of Intellectual property or trade secret cybercrime isn’t always mentioned in the news, but it does exist. If competition is mounting cyber-attacks toward a company, the cyber forensic experts will be there to find the evidence and support with expert testimony when it goes to litigation.

You have impartial help. Guardian experts are well equipped to look at the data and aren’t concerned with internal or external persons attached to the business. Status or job title have little sway when the data is analyzed. Our experts analyze and present the information with no worry of hiding facts to protect anyone. The data will speak for itself.


Most companies don’t need or can’t afford a dedicated full-time cyber forensic team but finding a service to meet your company’s needs is a wise idea. Guardian Forensics has the knowledge and skill to help businesses with their Corporate computer forensics and investigative needs.