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Guardian Forensics specializes in eDiscovery for all your digital data

ESI (Electronic Stored Information) is everywhere. It is in emails, Word files, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, databases, IMs or other ‘chats,’ photos, voicemail, smartphone applications, and more. With our end-to-end hosting services and expertise in Digital forensics collecting, hosting, and analyzing your data can be customized to every case size.

Collection Services

Guardian provides clients rapid, accurate, and defensibly acquire Electronically Stored Information (EDI) for litigation, investigations, and audits.

Legal Holds & Preservation

We help clients design workflows, and procedures on what to do when litigation strikes. Avoid risks, sanctions, and fines with a repeatable, defensible legal hold strategy.

Mobile Device Evidence

Guardian prepares mobile device evidence and allows the enabling legal and investigative teams to search, review, and produce mobile Device evidence alongside traditional forms of ESI.

Our Process & Training

Throughout a project Guardian will provide training and knowledge transfer to assist in analyzing data and controlling cost. Our consulting services and experts help view, audit, interpret, and analyze data to help your legal team. The findings are backed up with Expert testimony and reports that can easily be understood.

Data Hosting

With Guardian services it possible to manage large collections of litigation and discovery data in an online database. Our partnership with CloudNine makes hosting data onsite or in a cloud solution meet specification of each case and client eDiscovery needs.


Why Choose Guardian Digital Forensics

Gain peace of mind

Our team will ensure that evidence is collected and preserved according to the Rules of Evidence so you can be confident everything is being handled properly.

Properly maintained evidence

Evidence must be collected, preserved and documented properly in order to ensure that it remains within the chain of custody required to submitted as evidence in court.

Rely on our expertise

We have extensive backgrounds in digital forensics, eDiscovery and law enforcement. Our forensic specialists will ensure you receive the services you need to build and review your case.

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