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In this digital age, it isn’t just the dissolution of marriage, it’s the digital aspect of divorce that can become a problem. Some couples are looking for clues of infidelity, Intimate Partner Surveillance, abuse by cyberstalking or even going as far as committing a identify theft is cybercrime.

The day a couple gets married should be the happiest day of their lives. In an ideal world, that couple moves from blissful newlyweds to new parents to a home fit for a family, complete with pet and minivan. This ideal isn’t always the case, unfortunately. Everyday life starts to take its toll. That person isn’t the same as the one who got married.

Infidelity, abuse, or just growing too far apart to come back together will lead many couples into divorce court. And while the division of assets might become contentious, the unseen world of divorce can be far more damaging. Many digital forensics companies have had the unfortunate task of finding evidence that one part of the estranged couple is committing a cybercrime.

A messy divorce will often have a messy digital component.

Frequently, a vengeful partner will resort to a form cyberstalking called Intimate Partner Surveillance to keep tabs on their “other half.” Apps and spyware are easy to install and cheap to purchase, making them attractive options to dig up dirt on the separated husband or wife.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics noted that 1.5% of the people polled were victims of stalking and a significantly higher 3.3% of divorced or separated individuals were also victims.

The dissolution of marriage can lead one (or both) partners to resort to illegal digital activities.

In an effort to try and control the other and make their lives miserable. In some extreme cases, one partner will even resort to identity theft to try and “get back” at the other partner for the divorce. Getting in touch with a credit monitoring company and changing account information should be the first step when filing for divorce to protect both parties.

While no one can stop people from making bad decisions, having the right support during a messy divorce can protect the victim.
Having a lawyer that works with forensic data recovery services will help in building a case against the offending partner and their digital crimes. Cell phone malware analysis, in particular, will find any spyware apps and help stop the insanity caused by a messy divorce in the cyber age.