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Cybersecurity Tips, Trends, and Helps from Guardian Forensics

Your most prized possessions don’t just sit out for everyone to see and touch. Anything that’s valuable is cared for, cleaned regularly, stored in a safe place and secure. Valuable objects are preserved because they are just that—valuable. The same goes for your electronics.

Cybersecurity is essential to every network—personal, work, enterprise-level—every electronic device that logs on or hooks up to your network needs the proper protection.

With all the talk of cybersecurity it’s hard to know exactly where to start, what are the best methods of protection, or the newest security trends.

One way to approach security is to be proactive about viruses and the rapid growth of ransomware. Simple antivirus can’t always protect, and acting is more effective than reacting. Keeping systems updated, upgrading protective systems along with regular data back-ups are the best defense especially when it comes to business networks. If your system has been attacked, hiring a cyber forensics team can help you find where the malicious files came from and whether legal actions will be needed.

The rapidly growing use of “smart” or machine learning (think artificial intelligence) will create better real-time threat detection and protection. Smart programs that learn from their cyber environment will be better able to combat computer crime and create a faster response, identification, and elimination of malicious files and cyber-attacks.

Having the right skills to set up and maintain your security is a major player in cybersecurity.

On a personal level, finding an adequate service that knows what they are doing can be a challenge, but they are out there. Do your homework and ask lots of questions.

On a business scale, while the boss wants to save a few dollars, he should do it somewhere other than IT security support.

A good cybersecurity tech is worth the paycheck. They are the ones keeping the bad guys out and commerce flowing.

If you do find your system under attack it’s important to not panic and have a plan. If a data breach has happened you will need the help of a digital forensics expert, like Guardian-Forensics.com, to help restore your system and find out how, where and most importantly, who set up the attack.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your valuable network.